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Full-cycle Company

We are a mobile content provider constantly developing exclusive entertainment mobile services to monetize wide international audience together with our respective partners: mobile carriers, digital and performance agencies and CPA networks.

Content Production
We created a unique portfolio including exclusive premium voice services as interactive social tests and even games. We also create and support mainstream mobile offers to monetize wide audience.
Payments Connection
We contact local aggregators and mobile carriers, present our products and after getting permission to start, we setup technical connection to allow mobile payments for our content services.
Traffic Acquisition
We convert users together with our respective partners: affiliates, affiliate networks, digital and performance agencies and other entities. Our goal is to cover all major traffic sources.
Exclusive Mobile Content

Hot Verticals

Our mobile services are developed to make users happy. The more happy they are, the more profits we get. We analize local user interests to fit their needs.

Our services are oriented on a large audience so advertisers could acquire traffic with nearly no limits. Hundreds of fresh offers with unique design and high-convertible flow are available for our partners.

We use our own mobile payment solution — an exclusive hybrid flow unifying Click2Call, Click2SMS and WapClick payment solutions to make content purchase and delivery simple.

Innovative flow

ABC Mobile Hybrid Flow

Our hybrid flow increases both conversion rate and user satisfaction by offering best available payment solution individually.
We use Click2Call, Click2SMS and WapClick mobile payment technologies to make OTP (one-time-payments) and subscriptions.

A user clicks a call button with a specific link on a landing page, thus starting a call to a local premium number, and gets charged per second, per minute or per call.
A user clicks a call to action button with a specific link on a landing page, thus opening smartphone SMS app with new predefined message. After sending the message the user gets charged.
The WAP Header Enrichment technology works when a user uses mobile internet connection. It allows to detect user MSISDN on a landing page with a specific IP address and initiate OTP or subscription.

Countries and Carriers

ABC Mobile cooperates with mobile carriers, payment aggregators and content providers to reach more local markets. Once connected, we constantly focus on making our cooperation fruitful and profitable for all sides.

šŸ‡·šŸ‡“ Romania
Population: 19,41M. Languages: RO. Currency: RON. Carriers: 4.
šŸ‡­šŸ‡ŗ Hungary
Population: 9,77M. Languages: HU. Currency: HUF. Carriers: 4
šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§ United Kingdom
Population: 66,27M. Languages: EN. Currency: GBP. Carriers: 12
šŸ‡±šŸ‡¹ Lithuania
Population: 2,79M. Languages: LT. Currency: EUR. Carriers: 3
šŸ‡ØšŸ‡æ Czech Republic
Population: 10,67M. Languages: CZ. Currency: CZK. Carriers: 4
šŸ‡øšŸ‡° Slovakia
Population: 5,45M. Languages: SK. Currency: EUR. Carriers: 4
šŸ‡øšŸ‡® Slovenia
Population: 2,06M. Languages: SL. Currency: EUR. Carriers: 3
šŸ‡·šŸ‡ø Serbia
Population: 6,96M. Languages: SR. Currency: RSD. Carriers: 3
šŸ‡±šŸ‡» Latvia
Population: 1,89M. Languages: LV. Currency: EUR. Carriers: 3
šŸ‡²šŸ‡° Macedonia
Population: 2,07M. Languages: MK. Currency: DEN. Carriers: 3
šŸ‡­šŸ‡· Croatia
Population: 4,22M. Languages: HR. Currency: HRK. Carriers:
šŸ‡§šŸ‡¦ Bosnia & Herzegovina
Population: 3,51M. Languages: BS,HR,SR. Currency: BAM. Carriers: 3
šŸ‡®šŸ‡¹ Italy
Population: 60,58M. Languages: IT. Currency: EUR. Carriers: 5
šŸ‡§šŸ‡¬ Bulgaria
Population: 6,92M. Languages: BG. Currency: BGN. Carriers: 3
šŸ‡ŖšŸ‡Ŗ Estonia
Population: 1,32M. Languages: EE,EN. Currency: EUR. Carriers: 3
šŸ‡¬šŸ‡· Greece
Population: 10,74M. Languages: GR. Currency: EUR. Carriers: 4

Make money with us
by connecting more markets

We are opened for fruitful collaboration with individuals and companies who could provide us with stable mobile payment connections.

Monetize your traffic with

Mobstra Platform

From the very beginning of our business at 2017, Mobstra Affiliate programm was the main entrance for partners who wanted to make money on mobile together with us.

We continue developing Mobstra Platform in order to make it more useful and safe.

We constantly develop, refresh and support tens of Click2Call & Hybrid offers including public & private.
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We focus on building trusted relations by supporting our partners with knowledge and resources.
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No Limit Opportunities

All interactions with the audience take place online in a fully automatic mode. No delivery, no call center, no limits. The automated platform easily handles thousands of simultaneous calls.

Guides and Manuals

Our team has prepared useful articles and cases describing how to convert mobile traffic on our offers effectively using different types of sources.


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